Pro-Continuum focuses mainly on the implementation of training programs promoting behavior change and ultimately improved patient management.

Connection to CPD


When the Pro-Continuum team came to present me the project, I was excited. As a new pharmacist owner and who have purchased my first home, time is rare for my continuing education lectures. So, the Pro-Continuum proposal to offer further training sessions in Sherbrooke, is great and fills a real need. These meetings are catchy subjects, specifically based on the demands of estriens pharmacists treated by qualified individuals in an atmosphere conducive to sharing and learning. Moreover, the idea of allowing the meeting between several pharmacists in the region allows me to think that this is an ideal platform for implementation of projects for patients of the territory.

Thank you for these beautiful events and long life with Pro-Continuum !


Audrey D Pellerin

Pharmacist owner, Pharmacy Gilles Pellerin & Audrey D. Pellerin. Accès Pharma at Walmart


I sent a tele-expertise request to the expert on andropause, indicating my availability for the week. He called me within 15 minutes!!!!

He recognized me after we started talking, so it isn’t because we have worked together in the past that he called so quickly. I don’t expect to always have that kind of quick return, but it’s impressive.

Thank you and once again congratulations to Pro-Continuum!


Pierre Gervais B. Pharm., L. Pharm. Sc.

Community pharmacist